Encapsulated Glass

How is it done?

The stained glass is first carefully removed from the old wooden window frame and frame is reglazed.

The panel is re-framed using a new boarder lead.

Then it is time to clean the stained glass and polish up the leads.

Finally the stained glass window is blown clean using compressed air before encapsulating into a double or triple glazed unit.

Keeps stained glass clean

Stained glass windows and leaded lights can be encapsulated into double and triple glazed units to provide a clean and protective environment.

Improves heat and sound insulation

We only use the best thermal coated glass to keep the heat in and your energy costs down.

You can even have the units filled with Argon gas that increases the insulation further.

All our triple glazed units conform to UK building regulation Part L.

Increases security 

By encasing the stained glass between two layers of toughened glass we create a formidable barrier resistant to even the most persistent break-in.

No more condensation

Double and Triple glazing stained glass will virtually eliminate condensation that can ruin curtains and wallpaper.

Increases the value and desirability of your home

Estate agents and Surveyors love homes with triple glazed stained glass character windows and period features as they are worth more and they are easier to sell.

Please note we only carry this type of work out when replacing your full window frames, not as a stand alone job.