CES Windows use the highest quality materials, our experienced staff have installed hundreds of windows, conservatories, porches and doors for landlords, home-owners and businesses throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Our service is second to none.

Nevertheless, occasionally problems do come up and we at CES Windows are keen to solve them quickly and without a fuss.

If you are unlucky enough to experience a problem with one of our installations, contact us immediately and let us know.

If you already have double glazing purchased elsewhere and you would like us to rectify a problem with it, we can help!

Just phone, send an enquiry through our website or call into the showroom where our friendly staff will be ready to help, whatever the problem may be.

The following lists most of these issues. If you can see a couple or more of them that apply to you, then call CES Windows today.

Failure or breakage of part of the window

Windows that can no longer open, close or fit properly, or have faulty locks, handles or hinges.

Poor security

Whenever security is compromised by poor, single locks or weak, breakable areas.

Rotting, warping, rusting or peeling

When frames are so bad that a straightforward repair job would never be enough. Or when you have to paint frames every couple of years or plane off warped and rubbing areas.

Draughty and cold

Traditional wooden, single-glazed windows are one of the highest contributions for strong draughts and high heating bills. This factor also sometimes leads to windows frequently running with condensation.

Wanting a home makeover

Want to change the way your home looks? Windows, doors or conservatories are one of the most noticeable areas of your home.

Investment in home improvements to property

Upgrading your windows and doors will repay you in terms of warmth, bills, peace of mind and ‘kerb appeal’.

Timber / wooden windows

Please note we do not undertake repairs to timber / wooden windows that have not been fitted by CES Windows.